From Elphaba to Elsa, Oz to Arendelle, Idina Menzel rules over all with her gloriously belting soprano voice, immense repertoire of talents and impeccable resume. She never dreamt of doing anything other than singing and acting. She once said, “I just felt destined to do it and really committed and driven; it was something that just felt right all my life.” The powerhouse singer has a truck load of film and television credits barely overshadowing her extensive list of stage credits. She recently announced that, after the completion of her summer 2015 World Tour which wraps up in the middle of August, she is set to play Elizabeth in the yearlong touring production of If/Then, which was specifically written for her. It is scheduled for October in Denver, Colorado.

Idina comes from humble New York Jewish roots

Many who know her attribute her success, not only to impeccable talent and masterful training, but also to having a commendable work ethic. She began singing at weddings and bat mitzvahs when she was in high school. She then attended Tisch School of the Arts at New York University until heading for Broadway and subsequently to mega fame. Menzel attributes much of her success and musical knowledge to her work as a wedding singer, which introduced her to a wide variety of music she had never heard prior to that, and to her work on stage, of which she says, “For me, ‘Rent’ was all about coming out of myself, finding out who I was, learning the power I could have as a performer. And ‘Wicked’ was about harnessing all that strength.”

Idina first grabbed the attention of theater aficionados in 1996 as Maureen Johnson in the Broadway production of the groundbreaking original musical Rent. She later reprised the role in the 2005 film of the same title. Since then she has starred in the Disney musical movies Enchanted and award-winning 2013 hit Frozen. She also had a recurring role as Shelby Corcoran on the highly rated Fox musical dramedy Glee. She is the recipient of numerous awards and nominations, including a Best Actress in a Musical Tony Award for her career-making lead performance as Elphaba in the Broadway musical production of Wicked, another character she would play in the film version as well.

Idina Menzel, unlike many Broadway divas and Hollywood stars of the past, is not encumbered by an overly large ego. She is as humble as the roots from which she comes. She worries about everyday things like whether she is doing a good job parenting her son and whether women will ever experience true equality to men in today’s society. Menzel is proud of her artistic career and, while she has said that she will never leave the stage, she has expressed longings to see one of her studio albums achieve mainstream success on the pop charts. The starlets enormous fan base grows every day and, no doubt, will one day expand into pop culture far enough to see this dream of hers realized – Get concert tickets from Tixj4u

There is always something going on in Aspen, Colorado and the Aspen nightlife is very active. You can find a wide variety of things to do – but if you want a little culture, you should definitely find out what events are planned at the Harris Concert Hall. At the Harris Concert Hall, you will find everything from Piano Recitals to Rock-n-Roll Concerts. Events are planned well in advance, so you should be able to find out what concerts and events are scheduled to coincide with your Aspen vacation.

The Harris Concert Hall is located in the West end of Aspen, in a quaint residential neighborhood. Due to parking and traffic problems, you should strongly consider walking to the concert hall. It is short ten minute walk from the downtown area. Other transportation options include biking or taking the bus. When there are events at the concert, it is very difficult to find parking. The Aspen  music Festival and School were founded in 1949 by Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke from Chicago. Many music professionals train here and all of the school and festival performances take place in the , which seats over 2000 people.


You should definitely try to visit Aspen during the Music Festival. This takes place over a nine week period in the summer, and there are usually more than 200 planned events. People from all over the world come to the Aspen Music Festival, so be sure that you make your plans and reservations early!

Another exciting event that takes place at the Harris Concert Hall is the Aspen Film Festival. This festival takes place three times each year. The Aspen Shortsfest is held in the Spring. The Aspen Filmfest is held during the Fall, and the Aspen Academy Screenings are held during the Winter. Again, people come from all over the world for these events, so make your plans early.

The Harris Concert Hall is full of history, even though the newest section of it wasn’t built until recently. This is a major part of Aspen’s history and culture, and you should try to attend at least one event at the Harris Concert Hall while you are in Aspen. Most events take place in the evening; however there are also events that take place during the day. You can check with your lodge or hotel to find out what events are planned at the Concert Hall each day. Also inquire about the need to purchase advance tickets for specific events.

Spanish is a language that many English people love to learn, as it helps them communicate better with the spanish speaking culture, and helps them to learn more about the Spanish lifestyle. Learning the Spanish language also helps people in jobs that require bilingual staffing, as in many jobs that are available today, 

Spanish speaking is a requirement. 

There are many ways and tips for learning Spanish, for people that want to learn and speak the language. 

One of the first things to be understood when trying to learn the language, is that is will not happen overnight. It takes time and practice to learn the Spanish language, so one should not expect to know the language overnight.

One of the better ways of learning the language, is to take some Spanish speaking classes at a college or a university of choice. 

There are always places in communities that will gladly help individuals to learn the language. Classes may last for up to a few months, but by the end of classes, students will have mastered most of the Spanish language, and be able to speak it clearly. Purchasing books and practicing the language and what certain words mean, is a great way of slowly learning the Spanish language. Many people prefer to learn on their own, in their own home, so internet searches, patience, and books are a great help for mastering it.

Two people studying the Spanish language together, can help each other to learn more quickly. 

Both individuals are capable of giving each other quizzes and practice tests, to see if one or the other, has learned any of, or has mastered the language altogether. Two people can read out loud together, or one could hold up a flash card with the Spanish word on front, and what it really means on the back. Learning with others can be more fun than trying to go it alone with this language. 

Out of the many tips for learning Spanish, watching a movie or a TV program that is all Spanish, is a good way for people to figure out much of the language. People can usually figure out the main words from a movie or program, through the action that is being presented, even if the language is in Spanish. 

For those that really want to learn the language, great research on how to best learn it, is the key to their success in mastering the Spanish language.


The legendary Rolling Stones have two great announcements. The re-issue of The Rolling Stones’ 1971 Sticky Fingers album, a favorite of Stones fans everywhere (think “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses”), is enough to make hard core fans around the world drool. The commencement of a North American Rolling Stones tour would no doubt do the same. Look out Rolling Stones fans; the Rolling Stones’ “Zip Code” tour and the re-issue of Sticky Fingers are both set to blow on May 25, 2015!
Mick Jagger May be Too Old?
Those of you who fear Mick Jagger may be too old, or no longer has what it takes to put on a rock and roll night to remember, should absolutely think again. Reviews of the 50 and Counting tour in 2013, rave of a “spectacular set” as well as “an out of this world performance that only the Rolling Stones can deliver”. According to the Associated Press, a video promoting the “Zip Code” tour quotes Jagger as reporting the stage design will include “a section that juts far into the crowd.”

Energy and excitement always surround tour announcements from the music industry’s upper crust. This tour, anticipated as it may be, is also served with a side of remembrance. Sadly, this is the first tour the band will embark upon after the passing of longtime saxophonist Bobby Keys, who ironically played on the original Sticky Fingers album. The tour kicks off May 25, 2015 at San Diego’s Petco Park. Fifteen cities and two month later, the legends of rock finalize on July 15, 2015. Tickets will go on sale beginning April 13, 2015. If the possibility of a price tag upwards of three figures scares you, there may be a jumping jack flashlight at the end of the tunnel. In 2013 the Rolling Stones saved a block of tickets from the Stone’s Staples Center for a last minute release, priced reasonably at $85.00.


A European all inclusive vacation can be the perfect vacation for anyone who is looking to relax. The European inclusive vacation aims to make the vacationing process as simple as possible. Some are unsure of this type of vacation, however, and cannot decide between going on an inclusive vacation, or a non-inclusive vacation. There are four major benefits to the European inclusive vacation that should be considered before making your final vacation decision.

Europe Itself

Europe is a unique place that is unlike any other location on earth. Europe has been the center for most of the important civilizations in history, including the time of the Roman Empire, and Medieval Times. This history can be seen in multiple locations and place across Europe. These locations have become some of the most important tourist attractions in the world. Europe has multiple locations that are considered to be the culinary, fashion, and art capitals of the world. Europe is the perfect place for an all-inclusive vacation.

Simple Planning

All-inclusive vacations have one major benefit in the fact that they are easy to plan for. The all-inclusive part of the vacation will take care of many of the vacation nuances. This type of vacation has one major lump sum. This lump sum pays for your room and board during your vacation. It can also cover your food and drinks while you are on vacation, and at the all-inclusive location.


It can be easy to find an all-inclusive vacation spot in Europe that is near the locations that you want to visit. This is the perfect set-up for a vacation. You can have the benefits of the inclusive vacation, but can still see all of the sights, attractions, and areas that you wish to see.

Food and Drink

Food and drink can be pretty expensive, and can add up over the course of the vacation. All-inclusive vacations generally take care of these expenses for you. If you budget correctly, you will have money to eat outside of the inclusive selection of food. By budgeting correctly, you can have enough money to enjoy the food of the resort and of the area. It is important to understand that if you understand your inclusive vacation, you can spend little to no money on food during your actual vacation. While you pay for it in the beginning (with your lump sum), you will not have to come up with money during your vacation.

Europe itself is enough of a reason to choose a European all inclusive vacation. These vacations will put you in some of the best spots in down, and will help to eliminate the planning necessary to visit those areas. These vacations are in prime locations, and offer amazing food and beverages to guests. These benefits highlight the purpose of the all inclusive vacation. You should have the most relaxing and stress free vacation possible.